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Filing Tips

Filing Tips

  • File the original return from this office (with name and account number preprinted, when possible.) Be sure to sign and date the return.
  • It is advantageous to provide a breakdown of assets since depreciation on each item may vary.
  • Identify any equipment that may have been “physically removed.” List those items in the appropriate section of the return.
  • Do not use vague terms such as “various” to describe assets or years purchased.
  • Additional information regarding filing is provided in the instructional section of the return itself.
  • If you sell your business, go out of business, or move to a new location, please inform this office.
  • The deadline for printing or saving a TPP extension is April 1. Penalties shall be applied at 5 percent per month that the return is late, up to 25 percent. A 15 percent penalty is required for unreported property and a 25 percent penalty if no return is filed.
  • Section 193.063, F.S., provides that the Property Appraiser shall grant an extension for up to 30 days and may, at his or her discretion, grant an additional extension up to 15 additional days.


Important Dates to Remember

January 1 
Date of assessment
Personal property returns mailed
April 1 
Filing deadline for personal property returns to avoid penalties
Notices of proposed property tax (TRIM Notices) mailed
Deadline to file Value Adjustment Board petition
Tax bills sent by Tax Collector


 For additional information about Tangible Personal Property, please contact: 

Bay County Property Appraiser
Tangible Personal Property Department
860 W. 11th Street
Panama City, FL 32401
(850) 248-8401